Join us in developing new study materials

At Uitgeverij Coutinho we believe that study materials and developments in education should be well attuned. Being an expert within your field and a teacher or lecturer yourself, you know which (supplementary) materials are lacking. We would love to hear about your ideas and insights and find out how to cooperate.

Developing a successful publication means several different educational institutes will work with your material. Together with the publisher much attention is paid to develop materials in key with your field, thereby ensuring a well-established base for your work. During the entire process, from writing stage till promotion of your publication t you can count on support from your publisher, editor, designer and marketer. Our basic principles are meticulousness and expertise. Our foremost goal is the publishing of high-quality study materials and online solutions. We find direct and regular contact are essential for working well together. At Uitgeverij Coutinho the lines of communication are short. You’ll experience an informal atmosphere, so you feel right at home.

Contact one of our publishers and find out how we can work together.

Dutch as a second language & Integration and Skill education

Dafni Alverti is responsible for developing study materials on Dutch as a second language (NT2) and cross-domain publications on skills education for higher education. We offer a wide range of materials for NT2: both course books and materials for skills development aimed at a large audience. In addition we publish materials for teaching professionals. Furthermore we offer study material on writing skills, research skills and professional skills. Do you have a suggestion for a new publication? Please contact Dafni.

Social studies

Jennifer Obdam is responsible for all publications in the field of social studies. The social domain is continuously changing. The challenge is to keep up with all developments in both politics and society, as well as in education. Our aim is to support lifelong learning. In co-creation with lecturers and practitioners we develop future-proof study materials. We need authors to achieve this goal. Contact Jennifer to discuss new materials.

Teacher Education

Robin Meeuwisse is responsible for all fields related to teacher education (both elementary and secondary school teacher training). We aim to improve our successful publications and develop new materials each year. We are specialised among others in the following fields: educational theory, school subjects, research & study skills. Contact Robin to discuss new opportunities.

Economics, Law and Health education

We also publish study materials for higher education in the field of Economics, Law and Health education. In these domains we bring out material on general topics, relevant skills training and current themes. Well-trusted publications are kept up-to-date. Do you see room for new materials or publications? Do not hesitate to contact Annemie Michels.

Language teaching

Nynke Coutinho is responsible for all publications related to language teaching. We develop materials for various target groups, which include adult education centres, language schools. higher education and secondary education. We offer course books at different CEFR-levels, as well as materials for skills development such as grammar, vocabulary, teaching methodology, didactics of literature and inspiring activities. Nynke is happy to discuss ideas on new materials with you.